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I need you to answer this ASAP. This is for my 11 year old sister in her words.
I woke up in the middle of the night with my bottom right lip twice its normal size.
I touched it on the inside(where my teeth are.)and it felt like little balls were inside.
Today my bottom lip is chapped, but not my top.
It has gone down, but is still there.
What type of doctor do I need to see, and what is wrong with me?
Please help me!!! :$


Further to my other reply, there is no special kind of doctor you need to see - any doctor will do.

Simply go to your local doctor, family doctor, school doctor, or any reasonable medical professional - a pharmacist in a pharmacy or chemist.

Everyone gets unusual bumps - we are biological organsims not machines - and most of the scare stories are related to sex, because that makes for good headlines.

11 year old girls are unlikely to have major disasters, but yes, it would be sensible to go to a doctor, or speak to a responsible adult who is able to take you to a pharmacy, clinic, or hospital.