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I was at work when my left side of my bottom lip start to feel swollen ... it started to itch but then as the time passed it started to get bigger. It then got even bigger then switched from the left side to the right side of my bottom lip. I dont know if something bit me and i dont recall eatting anything



You have to understand that lip usually gets swollen when there is an injury in place, but there are also other reasons of lip swelling as well. Do you know if you have any allergies that might have caused your lip to get swollen? For instance when people are allergic to peanuts even slightest contact with peanut can cause your lip to get enlarged. Also medication for hives can also lead to swelling of the lip so you have to be careful when you take any similar medication. Is there a chance that this might be caused by some sort of an infection that you caught in your working place? Also vitamins are important in this case.