My father had to undergo a major operation where his stomach had to be completely removed. Now his food channel is directly connected to the intestine. Few months back we found that his feet were swelling. After consulting with our doctor we were asked to test protine in his blood. The reports feedback was that his albumin in the blood had gone down drastically due to which there was edema all thru the body. We were suggested by our doctor that we will have to give the albumin thru IV. We gave him 3 bottles of albumin. After 24 hrs of giving him albumin we found out that his swelling started reducing considerably. Now the problem is he is unable to intake food. as soon as he tries to eat something he starts coughing & pukes out phelgum. We also noticed that his tongue has swollen along with his throat. Since he is unable to eat anything he has become very weak. Plz suggest some remedy.