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My wife had some irregular peroids which she has not experienced in her lifetime. Her age is 27. We were curious to know why it happened so we visited a gynac to know more. Gynac advised us to go for sonography so that we know if she had some kind of miss carraige. We had a sonography done and to our suprise we found that her left kidney was enlarged. She advised us to see a urologist immediately. We visited a urologist and he advised for Urine report and blood test. Urine report says all levels are normal. Then he asked us to go for XRay - IVP , CT SCAN - IVP. All these reports showed that the kidney is enlarged.

1st Doctor said he would have to insert a stent inside the kidney but was not sure about something and would have to discuss this with another doctor which he did not tell me.

2nd Doctor said he would go for an endoscopic surgery and remove the blockage of the uretor and then decide if a stent is required.

3rd Doctor very famous & from a very big hospital says he will first put a stent and bring the kidney back to its normal size and then he would recommend some renal scans which would exactly show you how much percantage the kidney is working. If the kidney is functioning more than even 20% he said he would remove the blockage using endoscopic
surgery or else he said it is better we remove it off. He also said that the outer covering of the kidney was very thin in the middle not much mass left in it.

For now my wife has no problems at all nor any pain it was just incidental that the swelling in the kidney was seen in the sonogrpahy She does not have any stone in her kidney nor development of mass which is what the doctor said to me. We are going with the 3rd doctor and having him insert a stent and let him deflate the kidney. Till now no doctor has been able to tell us the reason for the enlargement some say it could be from her birth
some say it could be from last 2 years. Nobody is sure about it & the cause is some blockage & when reason asked nobody knows. Guys i just wanted to know if anybody has gone thru this problem & let me know if i am doing the right thing. Also would request all of your reading to pray for my wife I love her very much & i dont want her to lose 1 kidney.


Can u give me doctor name &address & phone no. Please