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My daughter is 14 and has been having 2 menstrual cycles about 16, 18, and once 21 days apart for the past three months.

I was never irregular and started mine earlier in life. So is this normal for the average teen or not? She hasn't been having a menstrual cycle long maybe twelve months or so.


I don't know how reliable you may find my answer but I am gonna give it a shot.

I am 21, so that is where the reliability comes from.

For me when I was your daughters age I had the same thing happen, sometimes I would have 2 weeks between periods, other 3 and still others with 4 weeks like it should be once a month. I got my period at 13 for the first time and only had it one month during the summer and then started again in the fall, that is normal, it is also normal to have irregular periods for sometime after you start for me it lasted until I was 18 when I was finally regulated.

If it is a big concern you can go to a doctor and ask them about it, the physician may put her on BCP(Birth Control Pills) to help regulate her periods. However, as a Licensed CNA(Certified Nurses Aide) and Current CMA(Certified Medical Assistant) student learning about the female body that is the best educated advice I can give.