I'm a CNA(certified nursing assistant). 8/21 I injured my right shoulder while lifting a 360+lb patient. I felt something pull but it didn't start hurting right away it just gradually kept getting worse. It feels like i'm being cut by a knife under my shoulder blade and underarm. It hurts to move certain ways, my range of motion and strength have decreased. Work set me up a doctors appointment 3 days later. The doctor gave me some nonsteroid pills and had me wear a sling. i had a follow up with the doctor on 9/1 since she didn't know much about the shoulder and it was still hurting she set me up to see an orthopedist and told me to keep wearing the sling. I seen the ortho on 9/16 they took x-rays then and was told i didn't have to wear the sling. the ortho wanted a nerve test since i had numbness and tingling down my arm and also wanted an MRI. Well, work comp set me up with a physical medecine person on 9/22 to see about the nerve test. that doctor said that i didn't need the nerve test and didn't want to do an MRI. gave me a nonsteroidal patch to put on my shoulder(didnn't work) and ordered therapy. therapy kills they hook me up to electrical stimulation and have me doing all different kinds of excersies. i go back to physical medicine doc on 10/6.

I am so sick of the run around. i need this pain to stop i want to get back to my life. they have wasted more money than necessary, if they would have just given me an MRI in the first place then maybe they could have given me a correct diagnosis, saved money, and actually helped me.

What should I do?