So around early 2012 I stated to have irregular periods ( skipping a month every now and then) eventually it got to the point where I'd only have a period 1-3 times a year and at no particular pattern. January of this year (2015) my doctor discovered that I had a thyroid problem, she asked if I had any irregular periods/other things and I said yes. She told me that it would take a couple months to see any effect in my thyroid levels and a couple more to see any changes in my menstrual cycle, energy levels, etc. She put me on 50 mc levothyroxine. I had my period the second week in January and then again in the last week of the same month. I figured that might be the levothyroxine because it mentioned differences in the menstrual cycle being common. Once or twice I'd have brownish discharge (not sure what to call it) that'd last about 3 days with the occasional cramp.
My thyroid levels are back to normal as of late March (continued levothyroxine for an additional 90 days after) and it is now mid November and I'm stuck here with a very absent period.
I am 21 now and a heftier girl, I was 17 when things got weird and I have never in any way been sexually active. I know I should have spoken up about it before, but I was terrified at the time. I loathe going to the doctor. :(
I'm wondering if anyone can please help explain why my uterus and overies are protesting.