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So I recently went to the doctor for some pretty odd patterns with my cycle. She said I wasn't ovulating.
Before my cycle was about 42 days, being on the pill messed up my system hardcore! Now my periods have been so sparatic I couldn't even tell you when one was "supposed to come". But for about two weeks now, I have been cramping, with swollen, tender breasts and a bit bloated, my abdomen is rock hard though, so I know SOMETHING is going on.
I'm not ovulating so I'm definitely not thinking I'm pregnant, but why hasn't my period come yet?? DO I just have to keep playing the waiting game?

Thanks for your help!


Unfortunately for your situation, doctors usually prescribe some form of hormonal birth control because it - even though it absolutely stops ovulation - regulates the bleeding. So, your doctor found out you weren't ovulating, figured out that BC had messed up your menstrual cycle, but did she offer you any solution at all? Your period can't be predicted now, because without ovulation, there is no hormonal mark that is given out by the ovaries with releasing of the fertile egg to your uterus to start to prepare for potential pregnancy or to clean itself if there is no pregnancy.