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Weel I was wonder if I'm pregnant! If I am I am only a week 1/2! I have been eating more then usally, sleeping more, slight head achs, and lower back achs. Maybe its just me and ii did use protection when I had sex! Please help me. Please help!!!


You wouldn't feel pregnancy symptoms so soon....infact I believe it can take up to 2 weeks after conception for implantation (Implantation NOT conception is the begining of a pregnancy) to actually occur so taking a test so early wouldn't give you accurate resutls.

If you used protection I wouldn't worry too much about it. I would just monitor your menstral cycle first before becoming too worried or concrned with pregnancy. Each time you have sex - even with out protection thier is only a 29 percent chance of pregnancy occuring. Many fertilized eggs also fail to implant and are naturally expelled with out the woman becoming pregnant and usually with out her knowledge too. Statistically you have a greater chance of NOT being pregnant then you do of being pregnant But it DOES only take 1 time AND protection CAN and DOES fail and if the conditions are right that can result in unplanned pregnancy. I would reccomend using 2 or more methods to prevent pregnancy. A condom, added spermacide, and some form of female BC weather it be hormonal BC, a barrier method, or cycle mapping (charting the dates that you are fertile accoding to your menstral cycle and avoiding having sex on or around those days) should be used. If you can do a combination of the 3 that would be even better!! but it's not very realistic. More then one form of BC should always be used....atleast 1 form for the male and 1 form for the female....preferably as many forms as you can find....and especially for the female as she is the only one who will deal with the physical and emotional reprocusions of unplanned pregnancy.