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i need some help!
i had sex for the 1st time with my boyfriend on friday (18th may)
we didnt use a condom, but we didnt 'finish'
the most that happened would be pre cum.
i took the morning after pill 14 hours after sex.
how effective will this be?
is it true that a mans precum is not ALWAYS sperm?
Help me pretty please!!


ahhh the first time "mess ups."

Well firstly, congrats on the first time with sex. Now i am going to tell u somethings they don't teach in school.

1. yes, you can get pregnant from the precum--it does have sperm
2. morning pill is about 70% (plus or minus) effective if taken with in 72 hours
3. mans' precum always has sperm-- we put out 300-600 mill sperm per ejaculation--there is plenty to go around
4. likely hood of getting pregnant with full ejaculation no condom no protection-- roughly 75%...BUT that's just the stat for the egg and sperm meeting. to get the "relevant" takes a lot of luck. i mean first you got the egg and sperm meeting. then you have the "zygote" traveling all the way to the uterine wall ...then you have to have successfull implantation in the wall...then you have to have the proper nutritional supply for the developing egg.... let's face it..there is a reason why people "struggle" to get pregnant.

advice: 1. condoms prevent std/preg 98% of the tiem whn used consistently and corectly (you'd be suprise how many people don't put condoms on correctly). DON"T FORGET TO LEAVE 1.5 inches of space at the tip to collect the sperm.

so lesson learned right steph? :-D.. still concerned? pregnancy tests will detect the hcg levels about 2 weeks after conception (i belive). so take one in 2 weeks if ur concerned....

FYI: did you know that by the time you noticed a missed period you are likely in the 5th week of pregnancy?

hope that helps and relieves some worry :-)


Hi there,a few years ago when my second child was only a few months old i had unprotected sex,the next day i went to my GP for the morning after pill and also to get sorted for birth control,however 3 weeks later i found out I was pregnant with twins .One GP said this wasn't likely and that I must have had unprotected sex more than once but i hadn't I was just unlucky :'( .When i was younger lots of my friends thought it was OK to have unprotected sex because you could go for the Morning after pill next day ,i think it needs to be made clearer to us ladies that it can fail and the consequences arnt worth it lol xxxp.s and good luck