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I have been having some problems with my stomach I'm scared i am 15 years old i had sex with a 18 years old guy 3 week after having sex my right lower side of my stomach begin to hurt but if can't be form me being pregnant well i don't know if i'm pregnant because i had my period twice that month. Now i have pain in the upper meddle part of my stomach its hurt so bad and when i sleeping on my bad it would hurt so bad that i would sit up so fast and it feel like someone just stab me i also don't think its because i pregnant because i'm not showing any signs. What could it be?      


Sweetheart you should probably go talk to your mom and dad and have them make you an appointment with you PCP or family doctor. & As for you beinng pregnant, i highly doubt it because you said you had ur period, BUT you also said you had two periods in one month, which could mean you had implantation bleeding, it wouldn't be as long as a normal period it should only last about 3 days, and it would be a light pink color of blood. Implantation bleeding, or implantation spotting, is a small amount of vaginal bleeding that may occur about 10 days after conception when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall. Some women notice a drop or smear of blood on their panties or on toilet paper, while many others may not experience implantation bleeding at all. Just like the other symptoms of early pregnancy, you may experience implantation bleeding during one pregnancy but not during another pregnancy.Implantation bleeding that occurs about a week to ten days after ovulation is a good indicator of early pregnancy. Bleeding or spotting that occurs at any other time does not indicate that you are pregnant.