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Husband and I decided we wanted to TTC

I have been on NuvaRing for a little over 1 year (quit bc end of March), have been on other birth controls for 6 years.

Typical period signs are slightly sore breasts, lower back pain.

All the signs of me getting my period this time dont feel the same as usual. Breasts are a lot more sore (same with nipples), back pain right now is on and off and not as strong.

Here is a time line from the day I took out bc.

March 31- took out NuvaRing
April 3-started bc withdrawal period
April 30- started first “natural” period
May 1-current have had sex just about every day
May 14- Ovulation (if my cycle I back to regular) had sex the every day the whole week of O
May 28- Should be starting period, lower back pain, headaches, some nausea, sore breasts and nipples
May 29- No period, lower back pain, headaches stronger, some nausea, sore breasts and nipples
May 30- first sign of blood was very little (hasnt dropped onto pantyliner) light red, next time at bathroom is brown to current...took HPT is BFN, lower back pain, headaches stronger, some nausea, sore breasts and nipples

I know some women experience their period, or what they think is their period around the time they are supposed to start. Take a test and its negative then later find out they are pregnant.

I guess I just wanted to see if what I'm experiencing could be pregnancy related or just my body playing tricks on me.


You say that you have been on some form of bc for the last 6 years, right? Birth control covers up all those nasty feelings that we get just before we get our periods. The feelings that your having could be PMS. Because you have taken bc for so long, your obviously not used to these pre period yuckies.
My daughter has been on the pill for 3 years and pretty much forgot about the stuff that goes on before your period starts. She has been off the pill for two months and wouldn't mind getting pregnant. She was 7 days late this month and had all the pregnancy signs, but in reality it was her period trying to start. She has a pink show on day 6 of the missed cycle, i told her it could be implantation bleeding. Real sore nipples and back aches accompanied the lethargy and slight belly ache. When she woke up the next morning, she had a full blown and heavy period which lasted 8 days, something she is totally not used to. She was bummed.
Vagisil offers an ovulation test kit that will help you pin point your most fertile days. The cost is about 20 bucks and can be used only one time.
I hope your pregnant, you sound so excited. But knowing what i just went thru with her, i would say your probably not, not yet anyway. I hope i'm wrong.