Londoners labouring reported 5,800 people will die prematurely because of smog this year at a cost of a billion dollars in health care and lost productivity. That's three times more than estimated in a 2000 study. And if air quality doesn't improve, the medical association warns the annual death toll will rise to 10,000 in 20 years.

"We are paying the price for poor air quality with our lives, and if we don't take action immediately, the cost will continue to rise significantly," said Dr. Greg Flynn, OMA president.

The environmental services will take a part in this study and will take a look at it closely. The problem with air quality in Southwestern Ontario is good known, but the latest results are concerned, especially these long-duration smog alerts combined with a heat wave at this time.

The current smog alert was issued June 5 as the area was enveloped in a heat wave that's seen temperatures climb to the low 30s C. It affects everybody, but especially seniors, young children and people with existing respiratory and heart conditions. Therefore the health unit recommends people avoid strenuous exercise and the outdoors, except in the morning before the air quality drops.

The medical association estimates 17,000 Ontarians will be admitted to hospital for health problems related to air pollution this year. That number could jump to more than 24,000 by 2026. Also, the number of emergency room visits this year could hit almost 60,000 and 88,000 by 2026.
It's not known what impact the current weather and smog is having on Londoners.

To reduce smog and noxiously transpirations people should avoid transportation with their cars and should replace it with classic city transportation methods like underground railway or the best method are bicycles. The city recently adopted a bicycle master plan aimed at making it easier to bike to work and across the city.

There is evidence from federal studies that Londoners are using less electricity, which reduces the province's dependence on coal-fired power plants such as the one in Lambton County.

This study appeared to be very anxious and every big town should bi alerted hearing this facts.. In coming years people will need to change their lifestyles and acclimatize with the current situation.

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