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I recently started dating a man who takes a 25 mg tablet up to 4 times per day. He said that it is an anxiety medication that helps him sleep and that he asked a doctor to put him on the medication as this medicine has helped his mothers boyfriend. I have read that it treats bipolar disorders and people who are pyscotic. He claims that he got the prescrpition from one 15 minute meeting with a doctor. He also claims that he doesn't take it all the time b/c he becomes very tired and lazy feeling. Is this a drug for anxiety that he uses at when he feels it is necessary or is the problem more severe? Thank you. MG


Your boyfriend may be telling the truth because these are some of the off-label uses of Seroquil. It has been used for treating many issues like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and bipolar mania. These conditions are what Seroquel is approved by the FDA.

However, doctors have determined that it does wonders in treating many other disorders like anxiety, OCD, depression, autism, etc and is also effective in helping patients who suffer from insomnia.

Seroquel has side effects and being tired and constant sleepiness is one of them. Some of the side effects may wane once the body adjusts to the drug, some may be treated and some must be put up with. If the drug brings relief to their problems, many people are willing to cope with the every-day side effects.