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I wanted to share my experience with having a positive medical pill abortion. I feel as though many post about bad/scary experiences, and most often those that have a positive experience do not share after.

I am 22 years old. I found out I was pregnant while getting routine blood work done at the doctor's office. The next morning I received a call and was told my hormone levels showed a positive pregnancy. I FREAKED out as I was not expecting this at all. I than went for an ultrasound and was confirmed to be 4-5 weeks pregnant. (No yolk sac shown, so hard to confirm exact date) I spent the day with my boyfriend of 4 years and thought about every scenario.

I decided the best decision for ME was to look into an abortion. I won't go into why because I feel like every woman deserves a chance to make her own decision of what's best for HER and her only.

I was so scared, I can't lie. It was mostly because I had no idea what to think. However, I avoided online information because I came to the realization I had to do this and looking at online stories wasn't going to change my mind.

Being 5 weeks pregnant I had no symptoms at all. I made an appointment with planned parenthood, I spoke with one of their reps prior and decided to go with the pill as my abortion method. I am happy I did this. The thought of the surgery was too "doctery" for me, and I hate the doctors. I wanted this to seem natural and it did.

I went in for my appointment, they did a urine sample, blood work and an ultrasound. After waiting for 2 hours I finally received the first pill and the 2 anti-biotic pills and was on my way home. After 30 mins I started to feel really nauseous. It was pretty unbearable I can't lie. (I think it was from the anti-biotics) looking back I should have taken the anti-nausea pills but I didn't. After an hour it went away but I just felt crappy the remainder of the day. 

Day 2: I was so scared but please let me tell you it was NOT that bad. I took the 4 pills and let them soak in my gums for 20 mins. They become chalky, but do not taste like anything. After 20 mins I relaxed, watched some tv, hung out with my boyfriend. About an hour later I started to bleed and got slight cramping. I HIGHLY recommend getting a heating pad as this was my savior of the day. The cramps got worse for about 4 hours and bleeding got heavier. I passed a lot of clots. The cramps were mostly that of a bad period day. Abdominal pain and lower back discomfort. It was definitely bearable! I took 800mg of ibuprofen, I did not need the percocet.

I had cramps for 2 days which were just typical period cramps and bled for about a week. It got less and less as the days went by. I went to the doctors 2 days after and had blood work. My hormone levels dropped over 50% which is what was supposed to happen.

Overall - I have to say this turned out to be a really positive experience. Any advice I would give is to make sure you bring someone with you during the experience, it helped my calm my nerves. Don't go through this alone, someone will support your decision! RELAX it's going to be OK and eventually you will be me looking back and it will be all over. Lastly, get a heating pad! :)


Hey girl. Well, I am very pleased to hear that someone has had a positive experience and spoke about it because most people use the abortion pill and never mention it. My now wife, then girlfriend and I went through the same thing whe she got pregnant. We were young and wild and there was no place for a baby in our lives at the time. So, there was no other option than abortion, and that is exactly what she did. Even though we were devastated by the fact that we wouldn't be parents, we knew that it was for the best.



there is No positive stories to tell when you abort a child who gives you the right to tell your story if you murdered and killed an innocent child. How would you like it if someone took your life after you took theirs? Nothing good about this, that is why Planned Parenthood needs to be aborted.