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Hey yaall!
I have a question. I am 16, male and today I had sort of strange urine. Like think urine. I know this sounds funny – thick urine, but it had a thickness of a sperm! But it didn’t smell like sperm.
I also must say that I was masturbating before I went to the toilet (if that has something to do with it?).


Actually it is normal for men to pass semen while urinating, especially if they masturbated before or had sex or erotic dreams (meaning they did anything that aroused man).
On the other hand, if you have any other symptoms or you have been exposed to STD, you should consult with your doctor.
But, as seems to me, you have just passed some semen while urinating, which is quite harmless and you are just fine


it could just be some left half way in you


it could be dehydration

it seems like all the posts i replyed to today are about hydration ha! im like a broken record, but anyway :-) try to drink 8 plus glasses a day and see if it helps...

the more the better :-)