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after i urinate i noticed that my urine was full of seed like mucus. after urinating i feel the mucus coming out,and it stained my underwear with a yellow like color.


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Hello! Maybe you could have your urine analyzed. It is hard to think of anything especially because you didn’t provide much information. WE don’t know anything about your medical history (for example, if you had any problems with urinary tract before) or if you are experiencing any additional symptoms.

It is important to know if you have frequent urge to urinate, or burning during urination, pain after urination…..this could indicate bladder stones for example.

Depending on your sex…..males sometimes experience retrograde ejaculation, a disorder in which sperm goes to the bladder instead out through the urethra.

When mucus is found in urine samples, it is thought that it is present to fight off bacterial infection.

I am sure that a urine analyses could certainly tell what the matter is.


hello i too have like brown seedy flecks in my urine ive been diagnosed as having a urinary tract infection thats spreading to my kidneys but they havent said anything about the flecks and i cant find anything about it as a symptom anywhere. this sounds really stupid but ive been eating wheatabix everyday and thats what the flecks look like is there any way that food can enter the urinary tract?