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My god! I have had the most irritating month or so concerning some mysterious lesion on my labia.

It started several weeks ago with what I believed was a spider bite or a bartholins cyst or even an std. I went into the gyno and no one knew what it was. I got tested for almost every STD in the book and was sent home. Eventually the spot grew bigger, broke open and started to heal. It started out as a tiny purpleish brown spot that eventually turned completely brown and spread. The entire lesion had a white ring around it. Eventually the brown came off and it left a nasty blister that slowly healed. What has been left is now a red spot in that area, what I am assuming is a scar. The entire thing reacted like a spider bite and I actually have a permanent indention in the spot.

NOW the thing was located on my bartholin's gland. The doctors did not think it had anything to do with a bartholin gland cyst and when they found out I tested negative for the stds they decided that it was either a bite or something that I had accidentally done to myself which "traumatized" the area. I can't imagine what I would have done to create what was there but my thoughts were, "whatever, I'm going home to vacuum the spiders out of my apartment." It has been fine and hasn't felt like anything for at least a week and a half now. Time has passed by me.

About two hours ago I noticed the area starting to itch. I looked at it and nothing appeared until a few minutes later when what looked like a pimple with a white head appeared in the middle of the spot. Now it isn't itching anymore and doesn't seem bothered. What is this? Did the bite bother the gland and now it's acting up? Or was what I had even a bite?

Either way, it's annoying. At least I know it isn't an std. Now it's just getting on my nerves. I can't find anything like it anywhere on the 'net. I'd rather not have to head to the doctor again.


Any thoughts, guys? I know it's weird.