Hi! Well, I'm quite embarrassed to ask, but I'm running out of options. I also can't find anything like my situation on the Internet. So I'm going to be as descriptive as I possibly can. Well, about a month ago I noticed that I had a pea sized lump close to my urinary meatus. I didn't bother it. I'm used to having weird bumps show up all over my body. I have extremely sensitive skin. But day after day, it got bigger, and bigger. It hurt to walk, I took hot showers, compresses, put some episom salt on it. And nothing. It got to the size of a quarter or even larger. I currently don't have insurance, so I broke down and went to the hospital. The doctor didn't know what I actually had. It wasn't a bartholin cyst. We knew that much, but he just bluntly told me "I don't know what you have, it could be a herpatic lesion, but I'm positive that's not what it is" and that's the answer that I got. I got checked for STDS and I came up clean. It continued to grow, I finally found a way to pop the thing that's been causing me hell for a long time. And it comes back EVERY day. It's a morning routine, basically. Everytime I do this, there is always a "rock" feeling there. So I don't know what's that all about. Now about two days ago, I still have the one I described, but another cyst like thing has appeared on the same labia about 3-4 on the clock "so to say" for the location. It's swollen, it hurts, it's red. But I can't find a way to get some of the fluid out. I don't know what to search on google. And I am getting insurance sometime this month. So I will get it checked out. But I was going to see if someone had some information for me? What all can I do for this? Thanks in advance!