I'm 24 and have had issues with cysts blackheads and zits for most of my life. Nothing severe just typical acne when I was younger and now small blackheads and cysts occasionally pop up. Over the past several years I've had these relatively painful what I believed to be either cysts or ingrown hairs (as I am a pretty hairy guy) pop up on the inside of my inner thigh near the groin area. Usually they swell become very painful with swelling and the rubbing of my thighs. Then pop and subside eventually going away. In this particular case it happened the same way except maybe the top or head of what I thought was the cyst was a little darker like a slight bruise color (hard to say as i never payed them to much attention) leading me to believe It was an ingrown hair. This was roughly 5 to 7 days ago. Shortly after it came up I tried lancing it with a needle as the swelling was painful. This did not result in anything coming out and I assumed it was not ready yet. I work in an assembly plant and sweat some times accompanied by large amounts of rubbing of my thighs in that area from walking. About 2 days ago roughly the cyst or at least I think it's a cyst opened up into an almost cue tip sized hole directly over the swollen area. The swelling has now reduced for the most part apart from a small amount remaining, and it is much less painful. There is a very small amount of redness around the rim of the wound and it contains what looks like a little ooze inside maybe puss or idk. I was a little irresponsible as I did not care for the wound the last couple days thinking it would just go away. But I came to my senses tonight shaved around the area hit it heavy with alcohol and peroxide let it air out then dressed it with band aid and triple antibiotic ointment. Lastly while caring for the wound I did notice some small maybe penny sized or smaller what looks like bruises in the area maybe four of them or so. I want to say they are some sort of tissue damage from previous cysts but I don't know for sure.... so there's my question what is it? Do I need to worry? Should I run to the emergency room out of fear of flesh eating disease? Or is it just a cyst that was possibly rubbed open allowing a small infection and leaving the cyst 's inside exposed (the hole)?