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On two occasions, I have had a small bump on my labia. Last time it was on the right labia majora. This time it's on the left labia minora. I have no discharge and no reason to suspect STDs.

Both times I did not know that I had a bump. It wasn't until wiping after urination that I noticed tenderness and felt it. I looked at it and it's not discolored at all. In fact, it would be hard to find if I couldn't feel the tenderness. From my research, I am thinking it's maybe a subaceaus cyst.

My dh and I are ttc and going through infertility. Can hormones cause things like this to occur? I'm not on any hormones right now, but I suspect that my natural hormones may be out of whack.

Any ideas? Thank you!


Have you asked your Dr. about these being Bartholin gland swellings or Bartholins gland cysts. I get these too - but mine are the size of a pea & then they pop after a few days & then shrink to a half grain of rice size hard thing under the skin (I've had it twice in same spot - left of vaginal opening at bottom.
I have been searching for more info on these & seems like there may be multiple explanations why we get them .