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I’m a 70 years old woman. I recently encounter a symptom that repeat roughly every 13 days. It started with me feeling my head very heavy and dizzy and my feet feel weak. After around 30 minutes, I started to feel my body become hot and I began to sweat. My chest will feel like stuffed. This will last for around 2 hours then I vomited. Sometimes this whole process will last for as long as 6 hours. During this process, my heart beat is quite normal, my breath is a little bit quick, I can hear and see normally. Sometimes before this whole process begin, I can feel it coming.

I have done MRI on my brain, doctor said no problem. Done my brain wave scan, no problem. Done my stomach scan, blood test, full body check, doctors did not find any problem. I have also consulted a few Chinese traditional doctors, but their remedies fail to stop this.

This periodical symptom is wearing me down. I’m now very weak and thin. I hope I can find some answer here. Thanks a lot.


I've had same sort of things tho I ended up in hospital for 3 weeks, am only25 turned out to be an middle ear infection, after seeing neorolgests and cardiologest etc