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The Suboxone withdrawal diary – 2013 Edition


Day 1 - (24 hours after taking last dose) - Yeah I know the title sounds gay, but this is a true life accounting of my suboxone withdrawal, supplements taken, and daily experiences.  I wanted to document this ultimately to help others know what to expect, and that hopefully if I can do this, so can you.

I’m so tired of taking the tiniest breakable amount (about .5-1mg) of this drug just because I’m afraid of the withdrawal, and the process to get off of it.  Hopefully this will end up a more positive experience than all the horror stories online, but I don’t know, as this is only day 1. Documenting this may sound dramatic, but to all of us that can relate to this experience, I again hope this proves as motivation.  To those of you who do not have to experience this, feel blessed.

My History – Like many of us, I started with a Vicodin/Norco pill habit, maybe 3-5 pills per day for first 10 months.  Then to summarize the next 4 years, I was taking 12-15 Norcos/day, oxy, Fentanyl suckers & patches, and whatever I could get my hands on.  The last 2 years my addiction was insane basically.  Yes, I’ve snorted heroin, but NEVER shot it.  Knowing my strong addictive personality, I would be laying in the ground, like my best friend, if I ever did try shooting it.  I then FINALLY sought help and got prescribed Suboxone from a doctor.  He started me at 8mg’s/day, and he wanted to keep me there for well over a year.  I did not see the point in that, so I started to taper the dosage down on my own, because It’s not like it gets you high, so why have a super strong addition, plus I would have more pills and they would last longer.  When you decrease your dosage amount(Example- 8mg’s/day to 6mg’s/day) , I would maintain that new lower dosage for at least 2 weeks.  Decreases of 25% seem to work very well, and are really not noticeable.  I finally got down to 1mg/day, and had been on that dose for 3 years roughly (On Suboxone for 4 ½ years total), but stayed on ONLY due to the FEAR of getting off.  Anyways, I took .5mg’s my final 2 days, and decided to make the jump, to hopefully regain control of my life, and feel emotion again!  It has been 9 ½ years without some type of opiate in my damn system and I’ve had enough!

I appreciate all of the experiences shared online,  although mostly horror stories, but I’m going to try to keep this to details you want to hear about, such as symptoms, supplements, and pain ha!  I semi-laugh now, but I am not looking forward to the “in between/withdrawals”, just the end game.  I have heard a lot of this is mental, and I wish I was stronger in that category. On that note….here we go….!

I appreciate all of the experiences shared online, mostly horror stories, but I’m going to try to keep this to details relevant you want to hear about, such as symptoms, supplements, pain, and hopefully success!!   

I was going to give my remaining 5, 8mg suboxone’s back to my friend(before today, you couldn’t pry them from my hands lol!)that I trade him for, but chose to flush them!!  This made me feel like it’s my final decision to rid myself from these bastards!


Day 2 - (7/14/13) 10:00 am - Weakness at night, feel warm, restless legs about a 2 out of 10 overnight.

Day 3 (7/15/13)- 1:00pm(63 hours in)  – Woke up with some strong cold symptoms – Sneezed about 10 times within 2 hours, watery eyes of course ha.  Staying busy is helping, Video games are great because it’s not like you’re just watching TV, you are involved, which keeps mind off of things.  I’m trying to stay active by running random errands (raining outside)…nervous about tomorrow I must say!!

9:00pm – (72 hours) I may get the goose bumps but 3 times per year, and I’ve had them for 3 hours straight, cold, and eyes watering fairly strong…the journey begins….

1:ooam – very weak, hot and cold, symptoms are kicking in at moderate pace


Day 4- (7/16/13) - Morning is okay, by noon weakness, fatigue, and chills. It was 92 degrees outside in Chicago, and I would go from being hot (naturally!), to having goose bumps and cold, all while being 92 degrees out.  A manageable day overall though!  What’s amazing is that I’m ALREADY starting to FEEL emotions again!!  It is euphoric, as I have been numb for 9 ½ years!  It’s one of the driving forces keeping my head in the game.  This is helping balance out the fatigue as well.  I can also tell the supplements I’m taking are helping quite a bit.


Day 5- 5:30am (7/17/13)– Let me just say, I am a heavy sleeper, but at 6:00am I was up with restless legs (6 out of 10 in severity), without the chance to go back to sleep.  Overall though, mornings are better, so I’ve been going for a short bike ride to get my brain starting to produce its natural endorphins.   Let me emphasize again, I am not one to blaze herb often whatsoever, but my god, I truly now believe in its medicinal qualities because it has made the rough times quite a bit better!

Day 6-   Noon – 7/18/13 - Mornings tend to start off well, and the robotic felling of having no emotions is changing for the much better.  Just trying to stay preoccupied is what’s helping me.  Let me just say in no way am I a stoner, but in just 6 days now I have no doubts in its medicinal properties….it has been a godsend, that and the benzos.  As bad as this sounds, and always check with your doctor before mixing meds, but I would definitely get some herb and  benzos before starting this journey, or you are a better man/woman than I.


8pm – hurting, have no more energy to try and stay busy, not even video games can keep my attention right now….this is a tripped out waiting game, waiting for the day you feel just a bit better.  Miserable meter is 6.0 out of 10.  Without smoking weed, would have been an 8 all day…’s weird just waiting to wake up and hopefully feel better….but I’m gonna beat this!!!  Day 7 at 9pm!!!

Got maybe 4 hours of sleep, RLS(8/10)

Day 7- Slept for maybe 4 hours – RLS(8/10)

Day 8- Slept less than 4 hours

Day 9- I figured since I have been EXHAUSTED I would sleep well, but again, about 4 hours

Day 10- I have NEVER been so tired in my life, slept 4 hours again (5 straight nights!?)  Due to how mentally fatigued I am, this is the worst feeling so far.  I’m like hallucinating tired…It’s a huge mental game.  I tried it years ago, but I’m going to pick up some Melatonin to try.

Day 11- FINALLY slept like 7 hours, I strongly attribute this to the Melatonin (9 mgs at bedtime)

Day 12 – Quality sleep night, went for bike ride, and trying to remain active for brain to normalize.

Day 13-  Slept like a baby with Melatonin

Day 14 – (7/26/13) Well everyone, after 14 tough, BUT manageable days, I feel the best I have in as long as I can remember (5 yrs on opiates + 4 ½ years on Subs.  I feel emotion for the first time and it is euphoric!  No more watery eyes in the AM, no more unnecessary sweating throughout the day!  No more making sure I have the tiniest SPECK to get me through my day!  Music sounds and feels better than ever before.

I would personally not try this without these similar supplements, as I firmly believe they made a HUGE difference.  Staying active/busy is sooo important as well.



Supplements I’m taking to help manage WD, and normalize brain activity and receptors.

-I didn’t make up this recipe, gratefully others took their time and shared their “Recipe” online, but these are what I’m taking, and what I saw as the most beneficial after my research.  You can buy most of these in high qualities, and very inexpensively from or even Wal-Mart.  I listed what I bought, and the cost of each item.  In total, I spent roughly $80 to hopefully help smooth out this miserable road. 

What this will contain are the supplements I am taking to assist with this withdrawal process, and at the far bottom, all known supplements that could help.



Quality Multivitamin – Irwin Natural’s- Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi (From Vitamin Shop chain, about $20), take 3 times per day.  I would never consider taking a vitamin that often, but I said screw it, as I plan on never going through this again!

Vitamin C - In addition to your multivitamin, you’ll want to take additional doses of Vitamin C for the antioxidant support. Vitamin C supplements are very inexpensive and usually come in doses of 500mg or 1000mg. The ‘upper limit’ of Vitamin C in most adults is set at 2000mg per day (doses above that level can cause gastrointestinal problems), so you won’t want to exceed that dose. Taking 1000mg to 2000mg of Vitamin C per day, in divided doses (half in the morning and half at night), reduces the number of damaging free radical molecules in the body.  The Vitamin B complex I bought also has Vitamin C in it, so look for overlaps which can be beneficial and possible not good at times.

Vitamin B Complex  - From Wal-Mart, I bought Spring Valley Ultra B Complex, 180 tablets for $8, contains additional Vitamin C too.

Amino Acids – GNC has what’s called Ultra Amino Complex, which covers these bases perfectly (about $20), and will last 24 days/servings.  Take amino acids and B6 vitamin together on an empty stomach for proper absorption.

1. L-Glutamine: Building block for GABA, which is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. L-Glutamine also helps heal the gut. (You’ll probably notice that GABA itself is sold as a supplement, but you won’t want to take it – GABA is made inside the brain when in the presence of L-Glutamine, but GABA molecules themselves don’t cross the ‘blood-brain barrier,’ so the most effective way to produce GABA is to take plenty of L-Glutamine.) 2. L-Methionine: Used for the production of SAM-e, which is one of several factors needed for the production of serotonin, dopamine, and a handful of others. 3. L-Tyrosine: Useful in naturally boosting your energy levels, as fatigue is one of the most common symptoms. And, like, L-Methionine, L-Tyrosine has a positive effect on your serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters. Note that L-Tyrosine requires additional Vitamin B-6 for proper absorption.


Folic Acid – Helps with RLS(Restless Leg Syndrome) - $4 at Walmart

Adrenal Gland Support – NOW Foods Adrenal Gland Support - $13 on Amazon. 

Fatigue is one of the most common and the most persistent of the opiate withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, there are ways to combat it, and restore your energy levels gradually back to normal. Adrenal support is vital in this process, as opiates are particularly hard on your adrenal glands. Take two capsules a day for at least 3 months, as fatigue is a long-lasting PAWS (post acute withdrawal symptoms) symptom.


Fish Oils - Golden Alaska Deep Sea Omega-3-6-9 Fish Oil 1000mg 100 Softgels , $3.00 on Amazon

Milk Thistle – For liver support, and to help clean out this little demon from your system. $6 at Walmart

Immodium – for runs obviously ha - $4 at Walmart

Luckily I have a surplus of benzo’s ha, I would SRONGLY recommend having one or both of Klonopin(Clonazepam) and Xanax(Alprazolam).  This takes the edge off quite a bit, and for sleeping.  Clonazepam is certainly my #1 choice,  as it last longer, and has some muscle relaxant qualities as well.


I don’t blaze much, but I have some on hand if needed too!ig guns on hand for sleep, ambient, xanax(DO NOT TAKE TOGETHER), Klonopin, yet Melatonin helped the most!!??  Unfortunately I found that out after 5 sleep depraved nights, but hopefully you won’t have to!  This process is sooo doable!  Gratefully I was able to take time off of work to accomplish this, but I have my freakin life back for the first time in a decade!!!  You can do this too!!


***Melatonin for sleep! –





This timeline/diary, along with FlappyD's (google it, similar to this one with varying advice on supplements and activities), has got to be the best one I have found to date. Great job! I'm currently in day 3, but am no stranger to both the unaided sub detox (from a period of incarceration), to the well stocked detox (about a month ago, made it to day 10, took a piece, then made it to day 8). Let's hope someone takes the time to read the entire post, as it was very well done and informative!



Great Job. Im on day 7 after taking subs for 6 years straight every day. Jumped at 2mg's. I cant see it getting worse. I just want to sleeeeeeppppp


Might I add. I feel great on day 7. I think weaning down under 1mg is just a waste of time. it just prolongs the wd's. ITs like either sh&T or get off the pot. Weaning down to .25 is a waste of time.


I feel the same after day 5 off subs i think it isnt getting worse .. basically everything you read but not as horrible as it sounds ya know-- it does suck dont get me wrong but it is nothing compared to a w/d from street drugs cause i could have never made 5 days without the help of subs.



Thanks for your post, it is very informative and easy to understand, especially the supplements that evidently are so very important. Every bit of knowledge on the subject is sorely needed and I thank you. Good Luck to ya Rodney




Thank goodness for a sub withdrawl story that is not terrifying . I am on day 2 of sub coldturkey wd and am very grateful to have came across your post. I am uncomfortable but ok. I have some benzos and clonodine to help and most importantley the good Lord. Prayer has helped more than anything!