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There's scientific research behind this simple squatting technique claiming it can recharge the brain, make us smarter and more psychologically balanced.

Children are born with 100 billion neurons (brain cells), a few million more or less. The brain is very important for the human species, so important that couple of weeks after conception, an embryo produces 500.000 neurons each minute. In adults, 300 million neurons connects the brain’s left and right sides. In order to function well and give its best, the brain needs to be well-nurtured and exercised.

Superbrain yoga is a simple squatting technique with the arms placed on ears which originated in India, and it offers benefits to children with learning disabilities, people with Alzheimer, but also everyone else who wants to improve their memory and brain function. It helps to sync both left and right brain hemispheres, and having them in sync means you're more intelligent, more observant, think more efficiently, and seem to comprehend a lot more too. Scientists claim it can improve attention span, and make mind more clear. Those who practice this technique often describe the feeling as some kind of fog or veil which surrounded the brain has been lifted.

This technique is something to incorporate in your daily life and can be done as many times as one wants or has the time, but for the optimal health, the movement should be done at least 14 times a day. Even if done only once a day, you will see improvements in memory and clarity of thinking. The best way is to start with 14 repetitions and work your way up to a minute, two minutes, three minutes … to at least five minutes a day.

How To Do The Exercise Properly

The exercise is very simple. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Put your left hand on the earlobe of your left ear. Pinch the earlobe. Thumb's in the front, and your index finger in the back of your ear. It shouldn't hurt, just make sure you can feel the pinch. It's very important that you start with the left hand. The right hand goes to the left earlobe in the same manner, so the arms are crossed in front of you. From this position, you will perform a squat, in a way that you breathe in through the nostrils while you go down, and breathe out as you go up. If you can, go low, forming a 90 degree angle with your knees if you can get that low. If you can't, it's fine, go as low as you can and work your way down.

As you stand up, exhale through the mouth. So, inhale through the nostrils, and exhale through the mouth, all the way from your belly. Extend the legs and squeeze the glutes, and remember to keep squeezing those earlobes all the time. It's for the best if you repeat this exercise at least 14 times every day, the more — the better. Some people do 21 repetitions, 2-3 times a day to fasten up the results. Everything depends from your goals and what you need. This exercise is amazing for the mind, but obviously for the body too.


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