My name is Trixy. I found out last June I have hyperthyroidism. I had bad tremors, excessive sweating, heat intolerance, rapid heartbeat and other symptoms. I went to the doctor initially because I was worried my symptoms were due to Parkinson's Disease, which my mother had.

When I went to see my doctor he said I had hyperthyroidism and also a goiter. I did not realize I had the goiter. My doctor advised me to see an endocrinologist specialist, but I was in the process of moving at the time.

In October of last year I got very ill and had to go to the hospital because I had severe pharyngitis. Since then the doctors have done more tests on me; a thyroid uptake, ultrasound of my thyroid and countless blood work. They have put me on more medications to control my symptoms. My goiter feels like a golf ball in my throat.

The doctors advise me I need to have my thyroid removed. The only thing I am waiting on right now is insurance. They are trying to keep my levels low. My doctor told me having my thyroid level low is safest when I do have the surgery done.

My hyperthyroid symptoms have decreased some and now I am having more hypothyroidism symptoms; fatigue, weight gain, weak muscles and depression. It feels almost like I have a combination of both some times. I have been told I have Grave's Disease and may have had a problem with my thyroid since my 20s, I am now 32. A lot of my symptoms I had, I did not realize and thought nothing of. I have lost a lot of hair, have anxiety and irritability. My memory has already been affected. My brain doesn't seem to function like it used to and I feel other effects. I had no idea how much your thyroid affected your body.

I am trying to inquire about the surgery from others who have already had it or know more about it than I do. Basically, how many days you need to be in the hospital, approximately, how long the surgery takes, what to expect afterward and roughly how much it costs.

My doctors told me they cannot tell if it is cancerous until they take it out. I am scared and feel miserable. I have a lot of aches and pains that I cannot account for and feel like I am going crazy some days.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.