Alright, this probably will be a pretty long post, so please bare with me.

My problems started in June of 2008, I was staying at a friends house
and going to school to become an LNA. Half way thru my schooling, I
would wake up at about 4 am with horrible stomach pains, so bad that
they would wake me up out of a dead sleep. At first it was bareable, I
just went and layed on the couch sort of upright holding my stomach and
watching some tv. I'd fall back asleep soon after. But then after a while
It started to become worse and i'd feel nausous. Then it became really
bad. I started throwing up. And it wouldnt stop, it was so bad that the
doctor said I was throwing up some of my stomach lining? *or something
like that because it was the yellow yellow sour stuff..* my mother picked
me up from my friends house and brought me to her house.. when I got
there she thought there might have been a blockage or something in
my intestines and which I couldnt make a bowl movement. I didnt think
so but she gave me a laxitive just incase. Soon after I threw up, I dont
know if I threw up the laxitive but it never worked. All I could do was lay
in bed on my right side, and sleep, *waking up every 40 mins or so*
I couldnt eat anything but pops. my mom brought in toast and a banana
but the smell made me want to throw up even more.

This happened on Saturday. The pain continued into the week, but since
I dont have insurance I had to wait until tuesday to go to the free clinic.
I went and the doctor sent me to have blood work, and an ultra sound.
I did them both and I never heard from them again. Never told me what
was wrong or anything. The ultrasound was to check my gallbladder,
my liver, kidneys *since ive had kidney problems since i was born*
pancreous and appendix.

since then I have had minor attacks, and maybe two or three other
attacks like I had it on that saturday. I've noticed that I have diarrea all the time, and food just seems to go right thru me. Esp. with lettus and lots of diary. I have to watch how much of those I eat because maybe 5 mins later I get horrible stomach pains and have to use the bathroom.

I seriously dont know what to do anymore. I still dont have insurance
since I dont work because of the stomach pain so I cant go to a doctor..
My stomach is contantly hurting *minor pain* it hurts to press down on
my stomach mostly under my right side ribs.. when i press down it
takes my breath away and feels like a knife jabbing me.

Please reply with anything you think may be wrong and any things to do
at home to help with the attacks?