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Okay, So..... My boyfriend and I had sex.....a couple of days later.... I went to the restroom and noticed some bleeding, it looked redish pink.... I thought i had started my period..... through out the whole day that was the only time i bled, and since then i havent had anything, and my period should have started on the 6th it is now the 11th and i am going to wait until the 14th to see if i do get my period. I did have some cramps around the time i bled for that day, but i am feeling, a little more fatigued but then i do work 2 jobs lol, Am i pregnant? or Should I be worried? Let me know your thoughts please. my boyfriend and i have not been using protection for about 1 year. The last couple of months i have had my period, last month i had it for almost 3 weeks straight, it was heavy, and clotty. and the month before that it was 1week and a little more also very heavy and clotty. 


Hi Guest,

Its possible your pregnant the bleeding sounded a lot like implantation bleeding which about 20-30% of women experience. Did this take place about a week before expecting your period? If so then its likely you are pregnant. Heavy, painful and clotty periods can be an early miscarriage called chemical pregnancy (egg attaches and comes away days later). I hope this helps.