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my last normal perod was about 3 weeks ago after me and my partner had sex i noticed light bleeding and it lasted about days then two days later when i went to the restroom i noticed more bleeding....don't know if iam pregnant or if i can possibly be going through menopause........i am also 42 years old and have an 8 year old son .....


You stated that you had light bleeding but you failed to mention when. Was it straight away after intercourse or was it days or a week after? Some women will notice a slight bleed when they first experience implantation. This is when the ovum attaches itself to the uterin wall which then progresses to a growing embryo. Implantation usually occurs weeks after.

You also speak of a few days after. When you noticed this bleeding was it of a period consistancy and how long did you have it? Did you have a period since or have things remained the same?

If you have been having normal periods within their normal range, i would feel confident enough to say that you are not entering menopause. I went thru meno at the age of 44 and had messed up periods for about a year prior. They were never consistant and i also had severe cramps toward the end.
It probably wouldn't hurt if you grabbed an EPT just for the heck of it.
Good luck :-)