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During puberty,the female breast what age does it stop developing???


It's difficult to put an age on it, Anusha. The truth is, every women's body is different. Statistics said that girls should start their period at around the age of 12, yet I was 15 when I started mine! The female breasts usually begin development just before the first period, or recently after the first period. This is when you might notice a small bump on your chest, rather than it just being flat. Even flat chested women tend to have a small bump from development. I myself am pretty small in the breast department (30A). The breasts then continue to grow into the mid-twenties! Most women don't actually realise this, they thik that by the age of 16 or 17 the breasts no longer grow, when this isn't in fact true. Thankyou for your question, I hope that I helped!:)