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My mum thinks that I am flat chested (when clearly I am not) and says that I have as much boobs as my little brother who is 5. It really makes me annoyed, and every time I try to show her I have boobs she still says I'm flat and I have nothing. I even measured  myself properly and used berlei's online bra calculator and it said I'm a 12A. What do I do?



Breast develop as buds even before puberty [periods]. Breasts continue to grow till the age of 18 when they reach their maximum size. Your areolas will grow in diameter and nipples will protrude. Its perfectly normal. Some girls show breast development early, while some show late development. It's perfectly ok for your mum to be worried about you. Rest assured some women are have small breasts, some normal and some have full sized breasts. You can always visit a doctor who can evaluate your hormone levels for good measure. Feel comfortable with what you have. Women with small breasts have breastfed babies and get plenty of love and attention