I have endometriosis so I have been taking the depo shot now for almost 5 years. My doctor had me taking it in weird dosages though...I was taking 200ml once a month for six months and then nothing for six months. He said that it built up in my system and would last and then after six months of nothing I would start taking the shot again every month. Well, now I wish I would have done more research because I can not find anyone who did this. I have never had break through bleeding or a period the whole time and my last shot was seven months ago. For the past month I have had bad withdrawal...moody, sore breats, depression, acne. I just got married and would like to start trying for a baby but I am really worried now that my doctor gave me too much and that my body will never be the same! How long should i wait before going to a doctor to try and jumpstart my cycle again?