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Are you worried about getting ill this winter? With these immune-boosting tips, spring might just be here before you know it.

Are you worried you'll get ill this winter? These immune-boosting tips will give you a better shot at getting through the winter healthily. 

Consider Getting The Flu Shot

Do you think the flu shot is only for the old, pregnant, and otherwise immuno-compromised? Think Again. Though it is true that 90 percent of those who die from influenza are 65 or older, anyone who has ever had the flu knows that it is far from pleasant and can be very dangerous. The flu will make your winter miserable and force you to take time off work, but there's always a chance that you'll need to be hospitalized too. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that everyone aged six months and older gets a flu shot every flu season.

Flu shots are available at most pharmacies and will protect you against those particular flu strains predicted to be most prevalent this year. Various versions of the flu vaccine are available depending on your age and health needs. Protection sets in two weeks after your shot, so hurry up and take advantage of it! If ever there was a "magical elixir" to improve your health during the winter, the flu shot is definitely it.

Take Your Diet Seriously

Though people who want to get through the winter without getting ill can take many different steps, nothing is going to replace a healthy and balanced diet. The term "healthy and balanced diet" is used rather a lot, so what does that really mean? There is no single formula that works for everyone, after all, and two people with wildly different diets can certainly both eat very responsibly.

We're talking about something quite simple here, though. It can basically be summed up as "don't subsist on junk food". 

People who incorporate foods from all major food groups into their daily meals, making sure they eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, are on the right track. Make an effort to shun processed foods and often enjoy meals made from scratch with fresh ingredients. It's probably fine to have (sugar- and fat-filled) junk foods once in a while, but but don't make them a way of life if you would prefer to stay healthy and energetic.

The holiday season will tempt you to consume unhealthy foods much more often than you would like, so coming up with a plan of action before the major holidays is a good idea. Hosting your own Chanukah, Christmas or New Year's event will place control over what ends up on your plate in your own hands. 

Look After Your Mental Health

The holidays are just around the corner, and while they bring a lot of joy to some people, they can also be accompanied by a great deal of stress.  Finances, the prospect of spending time with relatives you'd really rather not see, the pressure of organizing events, nasty memories, and worries about the future can all leave you feeling terribly stressed and even depressed. This, in turn, can make a real impact on your physical health. 

This winter, why not make a commitment to your own mental health? That commitment can come in many forms, from signing up for yoga classes or saying no to overspending this holiday season to making sure you have some time to spend all by yourself — with your feet up — every single day. 

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