Hi guys I'm currently freaking out. FREAKING OUT. I'm 18 and My boyfriend and I had sex on January 16th but the condom slipped off so I took plan B just to be safe. I was on track to get my period around January 27th and I did get it around that time so the Plan B worked. The next time we had sex was March 5th (so almost a month ago) We used a condom again on March 5th and I don't think anything went wrong because there was *** at the tip of the condom where it should be from him. So there were no obvious tears, but it has still been weighing on my mind. I'm not on the pill so the only form of birth control we used was a condom. It is now April 1st and I always get my period at the end of the month so I'm almost positive I missed mine by like 5 days now. I took a first response pregnancy test on March 29th, and a clear blue digital test on March 30th both came out negative. I don't know if 25 days since I had sex was too early for the results to be right? I wouldn't be freaking out as much but I feel like I've had some symptoms. I've had super light headaches, not really nausea just one instance, no breast tenderness, no dizziness, no food cravings or aversions, but just some cramping/stomach aches every day. I also have been waking up around 5 am having to pee which doesn't normally happen to me. I also know that stress can delay your period and I have done nothing but stress. I can't help that my mind wanders to the subject at least a couple times a day I don't know what to do!! I don't know if the plan B is doing this but that was over two months ago that I took it and have had two normal periods since I took it. Please help!! Could I be pregnant? Could the condom have broken but most of his *** remain at the tip?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP. Also- this experience has taught me that I am not ready for sex at all.