Yess takeing tramsdol in hight doses during pregnancy especially in the first trimester can cause developmental deleys its not just withdrawl that people should worry about also its very harmful for the fetus to quit cold turkey so its one of those things u need to talk with your doctor about and roll the dice and see if the benafits outweigh the risks try to reduce tramsdol is something that you don't need so much of a high dose of for it to work tramsdol is known to work as a antidepressant also and antidepressants many of them and ssri meds cause harm and developmental deley never quit cold turkey without doctor supervisian but to answer the questions if its safe to take? Well I guess that depends on your definition of safe will your baby weight a healthy weight yes. Will the baby have birth defects? Well not from tramsdol use. Can u tell if they baby has any developmental problems as a infant? No this will be something u have to wait and see and no not every child will if your on a low dose its better but yesss tramsdol and many other pain medications especially if abused and taken more than a doctor prescribes u or doing it without supervision not a good idea their is many links u can look this up in tramsdol and other pain killers causeing developmental delays its very common believe it or not u can ask your doctors I'm sure they will tell u the same and I don't advice anyone if you take this without prescription and take it throughout your whole pregnancy and if you do not mention it to your doctor your playing with fire its better to let them know and admit to your problem so they can care for your baby properly and you infants who are born addicted need a lot of care and medicine for this type of addiction also doctors can tell if a baby is in withdrawl and u will risk looseing your child if you don't report your problem if u admit it then your doctor will help you and u wont loose your child maybe he will even put you on a medication to help ease ur withdrawl during pregnancy not sure if they use methadone suboxon just for tramadol addiction but forsure your doctor will help you its not healthy to go off and on withdrawl either the reason its not safe to cold turkey pregnant is because its hard to monitor the baby good luck