I am 17 and am i having trobble going to the bathroom. I suffer from sevre dirreha on my period which left me having an accident in the car. We were on a 14 hour trip and need the toilet badly but by the time we had stopped it had happened i had gone to the bathroom i got out and spent 40 mintues using the toilet. My parent had to keep pulling over for me and gave out to me. When we got home the nexts day i went to use the bathroom and couldnt. Its been 7 days and i sit on the toilet and push and just cant go. What can i do to make myself go? I tryed pruns and drank alot of water. I taken stool softeners but no joy. I embarssed as i was told my mam and she just went makes a nice change. I in alot of pain with my tummy and even passing gas is hard. Please help me of natural ways?