I need help, because I can't afford to see a doctor. I am absolutely broke right now, and I'm surviving on a few dollars a week. I need to know if this is an absolute doctor/ER situation. Let me try and explain the situation at hand, the best way I can.

I was playing on my laptop to pass the time, and eventually I had to use the bathroom. It felt like a normal, urge to pee after relaxing for a few hours. So I thought nothing of it as I went to the restroom. (May I note that I had used the bathroom a few times previous in the day, and I felt fine.) I sat down and ya know' began to pee... and after I had finished, the urge to pee was still there. It was like my bladder never emptied. I tried to shrug it off and hope that the feeling would go away if I just continued with my day, but it didn't. The unrelenting feeling persisted. It was agony in the sense where you might be tickled on your side and there was absolutely nothing you could do to stop it no matter what. I felt as if I was on a road trip for 8 hours without a restroom and there wasn't going to be one for another 15 miles. I could 'literally' feel my bladder and urethra throbbing and pulsing inside of me.  -_- I was getting up and down since the feeling began, to use the bathroom, with not very much urine coming out because of the frequency of my trips. After the first few trips I realized there was a trail of blood at the bottom of the bowl.. and then when I wiped... So I was urinating a little bit of blood every time. At first I assumed it was maybe a random UTI? So I drank a bunch of water. I even drank water mixed with some baking soda (which is disgusting by the way). This agony persisted until I was so tired I could no longer keep my eyes open to fight the urgency. When I woke up a few hours later and went to pee, the aftershock of the event was painful. It felt kind of like the throbbing pain you'd experience after being punched really hard in the arm. Ever since this morning, my trips have been exactly like that. Peeing with throbbing pain afterwards that would eventually dissipate. No burning urine or anything like that. Just an uncomfortable pee with pain afterwards, with blood. However recently, I've been noticing clumps of bloody tissue.. As if something was tearing pieces of my urethra wall apart and sending them down the canal. I'm highly concerned at this point, and I'm not sure of what to think or do. Also, another new symptom... I can't turn the urine off... I can literally sit at the toilet and pee.. and then wait like 5 seconds and push a little more urine out, and then again 5 seconds later. This literally will continue for as long as I'm sitting on the toilet. Someone please explain to me what's going on. I am experiencing SO MUCH discomfort, and I really need the help!