I'm 32 yrs old..Ok so me and my boyfriend been trying for 5 years to get preggo. It's July 3rd 2017 I'm approx 13 days late according to my period tracker calendar. My Last period came May 12th 2017. My periods have always been a lil irregular up until 2015. So they have been regular about 2 years now.  But now I've missed the whole month of June..I took a test 2days ago but it was negative and in the middle of the day. (They say for best results and clear urine, its best to take the test with your first morning pee) Past 2 and 1/2 weeks I've been gassy and this last week has been alotttttt more gassy, appetite of the roof some days and others I get full quick. Weird Cravings at weird times of the night and day. Some days I can't sleep 3hrs straight due to major lower back pains. Not many headaches but have been some really bad ones when they do come. Pain under my belly button few days ago, lower abdominal pains And now today my breast are sore and heavy. It's exciting to hear my symptoms may be pregnancy but it's also scary because I don't want to be disappointed AGAIN because we have been trying so long