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I never had a doubt but that it was guy 1 but I don't know why now i feel worried.  I think I'm just over thinking it now I was never worried but idk maybe i'm wrong and it could be guy 2 even though I'm pretty sure its guy 1. I'm 18 weeks and this is my info. 

1st date of LMP: Sept 8,2015

Due Date: June 14, 2016

Sex with Guy 1: Sept 19 (didn't ejaculate inside), Sept 20 (didn't ejaculate), Sept 22 (ejaculated inside), Sept 23(ejaculated inside), Sept 24(ejaculated inside), Sept 25 (ejaculated inside), and Sept 28 (ejaculated inside).

Sex with Guy 2: Sept 26 well technically Sept 27 because it was after midnight and didn't ejaculate inside

Found out I was pregnant: Oct. 23,2015 at the Dr's office. 

First ultrasound: Oct 30,2015 I was 6w 3d then and was given June 14,2016 as due date continuously since then. 

According to the conception calculator: Probable date of ovulation: Sept 22,2015, Possible date of conception: Sept 18- Sept 26, 2015. BUT according to the period tracker I ovulated on Sept 26.  This part is confusing. 

My periods are regular (except the times I've taken plan B) and my average cycle is 32 days according to the period tracker that I've used since May 2015 






Hi June,

As to your due date.  Take the day your LMP started and add 40 weeks.  It comes up to June 14.  Since you know your LMP date that is how the due date is calculated. 

With a 32 day cycle you'd likely ovulate between about days 13-17 or Sept. 21-25.  Sperm can survive up to about 5 days max.  The egg can survive up to about 48 hours.

It's close but either man could be the father.  Since Guy 2 didn't ejaculate inside the odds are lower but there is always a chance with any sexual contact.  Guy 1 is more likely to be the father.  If I had to place odds from your description I'd say 85% guy 1 with 15% for guy 2.

You can't tell when you ovulated after the fact.  The apps/calendar are just estimates.

Only a DNA test can confirm paternity.

Good luck.