Hi I was diagnosed with a UU back in 2015 it came as quite a shock. I had been trying for a baby with my husband for over ten years I had been the doctors before asking about my fertility they checked I was ovulating I was but that was it years later after nothing ever happened i went again and asked to be checked properly this time the refered me to women's where I had a laparoscopy to discover my unicornate  uterus i have a right sided UU with both ovary's but my right tube was a hydrosalpix (blocked with fluid) so I had to return for a salpingectomy to remove the tube they didn't tell me if this affected my ovary's as I've read up since the fluid can leak out and distroy your ovary's. Hopefully that hasn't damaged them as that's the only good thing I have going for me is my ovary's still work. Oh and I have both kidneys as it's quite common with this not to devlop both or for them to be in the wrong place. I have never fell pregnant in my past so i know no I can never get pregnant naturally now that's what hurts the most. I am turning 40 in Aug 2017 I was turnt down for NHS IVF as my husband smokes I had recently quit but with all the stress ive started again. But this new year I'm starting to get healthy. I've been looking into ivf abroad I first considered Greece but I'm now looking into the Cheq republic Prague  (Brno) it's considerably alot cheaper. Have any of you been abroad for ivf? I loved reading all your story's gave me a lot of hope.