I'm so worried about my vaginal health just now!! So basically I have two fleshy lumps/growths underneath where you pee and above the vaginal opening. These lumps have little indentations in the middle and they are about a cm big, it's a fleshy pink colour. It doesn't hurt to touch and its squishy. Then, I've noticed I have a lump protruding out my vaginal wall, it's much bigger and actually what I would consider a lump. It has a indentation from what I can feel and I know it is not my cervix. It's about a fingers length up on the upper part of my vaginal wall. It's harder and not fleshier. Looks like it's flesh coloured too. I'm swollen just inside the start of my vagina and with what I'm not sure, could be more pink swelling I just don't know but I know it isn't what it used to be like. I'm very sensitive and it would be sore to have sex with it. These lumps and my sensitivity prevent me from doing anything sexual as I don't want to make it worse or pass anything to anyone. I can't find ANYTHING on this, and trust me I've scoured the web. I think more lumps are developing and I have nooo clue what this is. It's worrying me sooo much. I'm swollen in my vagina. I've noticed my discharge has been less than normal but some days it's just white. I think I also have a yeast infection aswell as this, maybe it's been caused by whatever this is I have no clue. But it became red and inflamed and then what looks to be a rash has appeared on the inner vaginal lips by the vaginal opening. Think that's caused also by a yeast infection? I've gone for a std full checkup and results came back for hiv and some other thing sphilisis or something both negative. Waiting for the swab and have done a non std swab and will find out next week what the results are. Has anyone had this?????? Or know anything about this??