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I want to start out by saying that I was on hormonal birth control for five years while I was in college. For the first two years everything was normal. After my first time getting Bacterial Vaginosis it became a down hill spiral. I got off about two years ago and it's getting a little better. Now, I have a LOT of discharge throughout the month and it usually has a very noticeable odor to it. Also, I get irritation up to two weeks before my period. The area around my vaginal opening becomes a pale pink color (it's usually a deeper pink when I'm not suffering). I have been to a number of doctors (I have been to the gyno four times in the last 6 months). They have NEVER found anything. Not a std, yeast, BV...nothing. Yet I can't seem to get relief! Please help! Also, i use boric acid tablets to help fight any yeast or bacteria infection. My doctor recommended this. It helps a little but not for long. Is this safe? If anyone has info on my mysterious condition please respond.

P.s I've been using the new vaginal gel that is supposed to help prevent infections by balancing the ph in the vagina. When I use it i get clumpy discharge


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