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I'm not getting answers from I ask YOU friends..

without going into my personal gruesome  sciatica story, can anyone comment on this?My sciatic attack on my LEFT side is finally resolving but a week ago, I began having pain in my RIGHT foot  and assumed it was plantar faschitis AGAIN , but now I don't know.. , yes the heel hurts, but the right outside part of the foot up to  and including the 3 smallest toes are totally numb.


I was told sciatica traditionally affects one side only  .  Money is an issue  and I want to avoid going to the podiatrist again if I'm told this is a spinal complication

thank  you

( My sciatica is caused by spinal stenosis  ))  


hello, i have Sciatica too, it all started with me doing lounges that started my complications. I have been desperately praying and visiting a chiropractor and it has done wonders but i now have it on my right side.  i think i have to let it run its course.  i have it on both legs now with numbness, tingling and pain shooting from buttocs down to toes.  but really go to the chiropractor you will get some relief.  also people are swearing by this magnesium oil which i'm going to test, i'm desperate i want my life back the way it used to be.  now i'm afraid of any exercises, anything that will mess up my back, heck even getting a cold has me in fear.  but i highly recommend chiro help, it's helped me alot. i get to see him twice a week.  i hope it helps you, i don't know what else to do it's a very sad sad thing to happen to alot of us.  i know that Jose Conseco and Dwight howard and another baseball player had the same Sciatica problem, Jose Conseco beat the Sciatica, you might want to read about how he beat it.  i heard it was through chiro decompressions, but i'm not one hundred percent sure. like you, i'm also desperate and willing to try anything that will bring me peace of mind and bring me back to how i was before this stupid thing ruined the life im in now. God be with you, i will pray that you and i and the rest of those poor souls suffering from this stupid rare condition that no doctor can fix.