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Hello, I have 18 years old and my back is killing me! Some medical history: kidney and ovary cyst, gerd, heart murmur, acid reflux, benign lump under rib cage.
About 2 months ago I started to have some back pain when I took a deep breath in and it has slowly progressed to pain all down my back and neck 24/7. I haven't been in any accidents and anything different. Also, every morning when I wake up and step down from my bed, my toes tingle but go away after a couple seconds. The doctor tested me for lupus and did some blood tests and everything was fine and suggested I see a neurologist or chiropractor. I saw a chiropractor and he said my right foot is 5mm shorter than my left and adjusted me and my pain has gotten worse! He said my blood pressure was high too.
I have an appointment in a couple weeks with a neurologist but was just curious if it is something I should be worried about and see a doctor sooner?
symptoms: lower back pain (on sides) , upper middle back, shoulder and neck pain, gas, head ache, tingling in toes, nausea, and something is up with my vision sometimes.. can't really explain it

Thank you!


I really wouldn't worry about it. This is probably due to a bad matress or you may have pulled your back, and not known you've done it until you've moved into certain positions. It may be getting worse becuase you've not done anything or had anything to ease the pain of your back. Rest up and get well soon. Goodluck.