I had a mortons neuroma op 3 years ago on my right foot. (underneath). As a result, I had painful scar tissue, tingling, sharp electric shock sensations in 2 toes. I asked for a second opinion, and the surgeon a foot specialist decided it needed doing again. The nerve had stuck to the bone, and he removed the scar tissue and cut the nerve right back. As a result, some of my toes are numb, but I all the scar tissue grew back worse. Everytime, I walk on it I am aware of it. I've got pricking it my foot and nerve damage. I've had several orthotics, which haven't helped. I wear trainers, I've started getting back pain, because I am not walking properly. I am a community nurse and am considering leaving this work, as kneeling with patients and driving makes my problems worse. I've tried gabapentin, which made me so sleepy I nearly fell asleep at the wheel. I also have a neuroma in my left foot, which I was considering having an op from the top of the foot, to avoid scar tissue. I wish I'd had my right foot done like that as I may have avoided some of the pain from the scar tissue under the foot. I am now seeing a chiropractor for my back pain, and considering asking the GP for a second opinion from a different surgeon, although very concern about issues with scar tissue. The pain I had was severe before the neuroma op and I had had it a very long time, so although it has got rid of the sharp intermittent jab, I've got tightness, continuous discomfort and the feeling of walking on a rolled up sock all the time now. Also the occaisional shock in my toes and burning underfoot. :'(