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hi,,,,,,, im turning 22 this year,,, the problem is,,, i still dont have my menstruation in my entire life,,,, some says its a rare case,,,, is this not normal?????


You may, however, have a much more irregular cycle, in which case it is important that you have further investigations, so that other problems, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (see polycystic ovary syndrome section) can be ruled out. The following symptoms are characteristic of irregular periods, and you can experience a combination of any or all of these:

1. Large gaps with no periods

The natural approach is designed to encourage your body to re-establish regular ovulation and to get your hormones back in balance. Given the right tools, your body has the remarkable ability to balance itself. The supplements outlined below are designed to ensure that you are well nourished - in other words, your body has all the nutrients it needs.

Linseeds, which are an excellent form of both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, have been proven to encourage regularity of the cycle among other things. Even if hormonal imbalance is not at the root of your condition, it is worth adding these fatty acids to your diet. There are many factors that are now known to affect the way fatty acids are used by our bodies, including high adrenaline levels (in the case of stress), high alcohol consumption, and high levels of cholesterol. If your body is NOT getting or using enough of the fatty acids consumed, your cycle can be affected. You can't lose by adding these supplements to your diet.