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Hi, I'm 18 years old and I am not sexually active! I have had my period for 7 years now and although it started out regular the past year and a half I have had extremely irregular periods. Some come a few days early and some 3 months late! Also some are 2 days and some are as long as 8 days long! Also this past month I had my period but I had cramps, backaches, and sensitive breasts 2 weeks before my period and 1 week after! Is this normal? Help!


Hello Maddie,

even though you're not sexully active, irregular periods are good enough reason for you to visit an ob-gyn. It's normal for your menstrual cycle to take a year or two until it becomes regular, but if that doesn't happen on it's own, then you have to rule out the possibility that you're having conditions such as polycystic ovaries or ovarian cysts.

Your menstrual cycle as you described it sounds like it might be disturbed by hormonal disbalance caused by polycystic ovaries, so sooner you get to the ob gyn and get the right treatment - the better the chances your cycle will normalize,

Wish you all the best,