As the United States runs short of nurses, U.S. opening its doors to immigrant nurses:

Its very alarming and It’s no secret that the United States has a nursing shortage, one that promises to grow to alarming proportions. Too many nurses are retiring, and too few are entering the profession. To compound the problem, within the next 5 to 10 years, over 76 million Baby Boomers are scheduled to retire from the workforce, with only about 44 million Generation X'ers available to pick up the slack. This will soon place unprecedented demands for health care agency services / home care agency services on a system that is already stretched thin. The problem is not limited to hospital nursing. Today, there is also a critical shortage of nursing faculty. As a result, thousands of qualified men and women who want to enter the field are being turned away by the nation’s schools of nursing.

And we can capitalize on this business opportunity, by having a our own Nursing Agency, wherein we dont have to be a nurse just to start this business. All we need is the desire to be self employed to be able to tap into this multi billion dollar business.