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Hi, sorry I'm just going to come out and say it...

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on a Saturday (16th), but he didn't cum inside me. This was about a week after my period (I really can't remember) and from the Monday(18nd) I started taking the pill (microgynon) but I missed Friday's and I was sick too.

I took 2 on Saturday(23rd) and then had unprotected sex again, I knew the pill wouldn't have worked as you need to take it for 7 days straight, and as he cummed inside me this time I took the morning after pill Monday evening(25th) and the doctor said this would be 97% effective.

I've been taking the pill regularly since (it is now Wednesday 27th) but I just wanted to know if I could be pregnant, (from pre cum the first time?) and how early I can take a test to see? And if I am protected now if I want to have unprotected sex again?

The doctor told me to start taking the pill again at the start of my period but I continued taking them anyway. I don't know how many pills I have taken now as I took them from several packets so I don't know when to stop for my 7 day break. 

I'm worried and confused I feel messed up I would just like to start fresh taking the pill and knowing I am not pregnant. Please help any advice would be really appreciated x


Can I also add I have been having dark bleeding irregularly but fairly light.. Sorry I know this is quite complicated, please help - I am a 17 year old girl