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I am currently on Mircette and have been for almost three months now. Everything has been working normal. Prior to being on the pill I would go eight months without having a period. But now being on Mircette I have always started on time. My boyfriend come out to see me and we had sex without a condoms because I am on the pill. I have now been the week with the change of pill type and no period yet. He ejaculated but I did not orgasm. Does this matter in the pregnany factor? Do I just need to wait another week and see? Please help... This is too much stress!


Hi there,

It does not matter if u orgasm or not. Unprotected sex is always at risk for pregnancy. The fact that you are on birth control kind of protects you for the most part. There is still a chance you could get pregnant, although VERY low. If you don't want to get pregnant use a condom, because Birth Control isn't 100% effective. My sister in law got pregnant while using them. You can test now since your period is late already and it should be accurate. I hope this helps good luck