Okay, I've been researching this question for the better part of a week, and I still have no idea what the answer or possibilities could be. I have no insurance, so I'm trying to avoid seeing a doctor. Now that I have that out of the way, the question.


I'm 23, yes I am sexually active, I have had one child already. (I just turned 18, and I had put her up for adoption) My first pregnancy I don't remember anything from the beginning. I never felt sick, never had sore breasts, never had different discharge, just no period. The past few months I've been having a brown discharge usually by a week after I've finished my period. I have a period tracker on my phone and this brown discharge goes along with my ovulation cycle, so I know what I'm experiencing now has to be different. My last period was January 19-24. My ovulation 'discharge' I guess you could say was around 2/1-2/2. Those are considered 'fertile' dates on my phone app. My actual ovulation day was 2/3, and that day I had a little bit of brown discharge with black specks in it. I normally have a 28-30 day cycle, so I'm projected to start my period on 2/17, in 3 days. Normally I have symptoms that I'm going to start atleast a week before my period, like breast tenderness and the normal clear/white discharge. I've been having this pinkish-brown discharge for almost a week now. It began on 2/10 and wasn't very much, but every day since then I've had it throughout the days. Today, however, I had the usual little bit in the morning, then I didn't have any at all. A few hours ago I had A LOT. I'm beginning to think it's just my period so I have a tampon in right now. The reason I'm so curious is because I'm seeing this question asked a lot, and no true answer.


I understand every woman is different, everyone's cycles are different, all of that jazz. What I'm curious is this possibly due to pregnancy? (yes I know that is always possible) could it be something serious? Could it be due to stress? I don't feel like I've been doing anything different, but I'm wondering if anyone has gone through this that has actually gotten somewhere other than no where.


Also have been with the same sex partner for 2 years, and we had unprotected sex on 1/27 which was a few days before my fertile days, and we had it again on 2/6 which is 3 days after my ovulation day.


Any answers will be helpful, thank you.